Partners of Addicts 

Having a family member who is a drug, sex or porn addict can be traumatizing.  It can trigger old negative beliefs stored in the brain from earlier negative experiences.  I recommend that family members of addicts get treatment for themselves as one of the best ways to support their loved one.  12 step groups are also highly recommended such as alanon, POSA (partners of sex addiction), and narc-anon.  There is a meeting finder link on my resources page. 


EMDR is an effective therapy technique that can help decrease the emotional impact of the addicts use; it also helps the client to figure out what their responsibility to their loved one is and what is the addicts responsibility.   Some of the benefits I've seen in people taking care of their themselves by receiving EMDR include: relapses taking less of a toll on them, finding support apart from the addict, and an increase in confidence/ self esteem.  If you are in a relationship with an addict, reach out today for help; you don't have to deal with it all by yourself.